REO Services

Our services allow you to easily expand your assignment & order intake, increase net profits, and relax!

Pam’s VAS is not a property preservation company. We also do not offer any REO/Property Preservation/Property Management contracts. Pam’s VAS provides Real Estate Professionals, Investors, and Vendors REO/Property Preservation/Property “management” services.  Our exquisite Virtual Assistants are mastered in all facets of property preservation and management and are well rehearsed with HUD and Fannie Mae guidelines. This allows you the time to grow your business while having a peace of mind that your administrative tasks are being properly fulfilled on time.

REO Services Provided, but not limited to:

♦ Property Preservation/Management

Order Management & Bid Fulfillment: From order deployment to photo labeling and uploading; our Virtual Assistants make sure every aspect of each order is fulfilled and properly delivered to your clients. Our VA’s are experienced in a multitude of bank’s and asset management company’s platforms & software. Simply tell us where to upload the order and we’ll get it done! (Order Deployment, Order Tracking, Photo Labeling, Order Uploading, Bid Fulfillment)

◊ HOA/Utilities: Our VA’s will obtain all necessary HOA and utility info required by the client. They will insure all requirements are fulfilled to promote an efficient and  timely  closing on your HOA property. *Utilities will be turned on/off as needed by client policy.

Vendor Management: Our VA’s work with your vendors to minimize late orders by:
-Managing and Coordinating orders/assignments
-Tracking and monitoring assigning of work orders within given territories
-Regularly updating the client’s electronic record system and providing status reports
-Providing updates and contacting vendors when requested
-Performing self-auditing functions to keep organized for optimal work flow and reporting

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* Pam’s VAS also tailors services for each individual company’s requirements. If you need help in an area not listed, contact us and be rest assured we will meet your needs!