BPO Services

Pam’s VAS Broker Price Opinion, BPO Fulfillment & Management:– enables you to easily expand your coverage areas, increase BPO assignment intake, maximize profits, and relax! We work on many different MLS systems and return/submit work within 1 business day of assignment (interiors are within 24 hours of picture receipt). Competitive starting rates which can include managing from the assignment to submission. MLS search, typing of forms and attaching pictures, QC. Have been on over 200 different sites including but not limited to: Equator, Resnet, Keystone, AHMSI, Single Source, FARVV, Fannie Mae, etc.

  Pam’s VAS Registration Services:  We will register you with our list of over 100 active BPO/REO Companies. All you need to do is provide us the required information and we will go ahead and complete those time consuming registrations on your behalf. The competition between agents for BPOs is pretty cutthroat. In order for you to increase the daily number of assigned BPO orders, you need to increase the number of BPO/REO companies you are registered with.

Why should you enlist the help of Pam’s VAS? The answer is simple . .

Normally, BPO/REO companies will inform you that they are not looking for agents in your area or they ask you to be patient and when BPOs are available within your coverage area, you’ll be assigned them. Over the years we have formed professional relationships with multiple key contacts at each of the BPO companies. We follow up with our contacts at each individual company — in regards to registration and assigning of BPOs.

My Services are Virtually a Click Away!

Simply contact Pam's VAS and let us know how we can be of your service . . . and we’ll get it done!.

* Pam’s VAS also tailors services for each individual company’s requirements. If you need help in an area not listed, contact us and be rest assured we will meet your needs!