Saving the Pennies: Pricing a Real Estate Virtual Assistant

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If you are a smart Real Estate Agent and business owner, you know the questions that are important to ask before getting  involved in anything.  One of the common questions that you have probably grown familiar to asking is “how much will this cost me?”  Knowing how much each service will cost with a real estate virtual assistant can help you to define what you want and need done and what isn’t essential to get done.

Most real estate virtual assistants will price their services by the hour.  The only exception to this is if it is only one project that has a standard pricing, such as websites.  The hourly charge that a real estate virtual assistant will provide will most likely be in relation to the type of services they offer, the going rate of real estate virtual assistants and the materials that will need to be provided for the services.Saving the Pennies: Pricing a Real Estate Virtual Assistant

For basic services from a real estate virtual assistant, you can expect to pay an average of $30 per hour.  This is standard from the Virtual Assistant Chamber of Commerce.  However, if the services are more advanced, such as event planning, you can expect to pay up to $75 per hour.  The reason why the pricing is set like this is because of the work that is done for you.  Even though this is more than a hired administrative assistant, you can expect to save money with these prices.

Pam’s Real Estate Virtual Assistant Services offers services at a discounted rate –significantly lower than the standard rate set forth by the Virtual Assistant Chamber of Commerce. Though the prices are lower; the quality of work is guaranteed to meet and/or surpass client expectations. Pam’s VAS operates on a ‘Client First’ basis and exhausts all options to help you increase your bottom line.

Most likely, a real estate virtual assistant will not be working for you eight hours a day.  They also will not be working consistently throughout the week.  When you factor this into how much work you need, you will be paying less than part-time assistance with the pricings.  Included in the pricings are also things such as phone lines, supplies and other needs that the real estate virtual assistant may have.

If you want to make sure that you get the best price for a real estate virtual assistant, then you only have to see what types of services are included in the pricing. By knowing the standard pricings, and defining whether you will save money or lose money, you can determine the best way to save your pennies, while getting the quality work that you need.

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