Rocky welcomes September!

Pams VAS Rocky's Corner

Rocky_8_Pams_vasAhh . . September! I can’t wait for Labor Day! I normally enjoy keeping my owners on their toes . . but days like Labor Day, I like to feign innocence and look incredibly sweet while waiting for my owners to turn their back on their plates of BBQ goodness -or any delicious food! I have become so proficient at  food thievery that my owners all know to “keep eyes on Rocky” whenever they celebrate a holiday or have snacks after a long day.

Apart from being a friend and guard dog, I also like to help my owners stay healthy. So, after the BBQ, I may steal some shoes . . or maybe the remote . . and then have some fun making my owners chase me around the back yard. Only a few more days left . . the anticipation . . these are the things I live for! I know I am a mischievous puppy, but that’s why I am so loved -right? I hope all of you enjoy your Labor Day weekend! Don’t forget to share the yummy food with your canine friend!