Rocky’s Reminder – Include Your Pets in Disaster Planning

Pams VAS Rocky's Corner

Rocky prepares for Hurricane Mathew

As I sit in this comfy lap while watching the news, it is still hard to stop my Beagle self from worrying. I’m a little guy and this hurricane they are talking about could sweep me away from my family. But Pam reassures me with a pat on the head telling me not to worry, she will keep me safe.  She has planned ahead and prepared our family just in case.

Rocky and Rosy - Rockys corner

The first thing she said was that wherever she goes, I go.  That really helped to stop my shaking just knowing I won’t be left alone to fend for myself.  She even took out her list of ‘pet friendly’ hotels just in case we needed a quick getaway. How much fun will that be, a hotel! New smells and new friends, I love car rides!

Next she put my carrier by the front door and placed my vaccination record on top.  Never can be too prepared she said.  I even got to sit pretty for a treat while she took my picture and printed it out on that fancy ink machine. That’s me, she said as she pointed to the photo.  Just in case we get separated.

Can’t forget my special food.  It is a little embarrassing but I can’t eat just regular dog food.  Mine has special medicine mixed in for my upset tummy.  And of course I need my doggie dishes with the little bones painted on the side.

Just a few more things as Pam gathered up my extra collar, a jug of water and MY LEASH!  OH A WALK, A WALK, WE ARE GOING ON A WALK?  I can’t stop myself from jumping and dancing and spinning in circles.  I don’t know why but that leash does it to me every time!

“Rocky!”, Pam says.  “No walk right now, remember we have to plan for the hurricane you silly Beagle.” As she scoops me up and places me under her arm.  Just the place I want to be.  Finally, I feel safe and ready.

Don’t forget to keep your pets safe during natural disasters too!  Plan ahead, trust me, they worry just as much as you!

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