September’s Virtual Assistant in the Spotlight – April

Pams VAS VA Spotlight

September’s Virtual Assistant in the Spotlight – April

 vanishing_island_Pams_virtual assistantBig congratulations are in order for our September 2016 Virtual Assistant in the Spotlight, April, who has been absolutely crushing it with REO BPO’s during her 10 months working with Pam’s VAS! April was chosen as September’s VA in the Spotlight because of her hard work and upbeat & positive attitude; which are essential for her position here at Pam’s VAS, especially when things get extra hectic. No matter how crazy things get, April is always eager and happy to help -even when situations arise last minute.

April’s position requires her to complete assignments in a timely manner, which she describes as her favorite part of the job, as she stated, “everything at Pam’s VAS is well planned and organized; making it easy for me to plan my time and adhere to a schedule.” Along with meeting strict time restraints and maintaining organized, April’s average day with Pam’s VAS consists of checking emails, communicating with management and completing multiple valuations e.g., Fee & REO BPOs, MMRs, & MSRs.

April started working with Pam’s VAS because she loved the energy of this work environment. April has been a VA for the past 4 years now. She explained, “Looking for a job is not easy; especially when you lack experience. My first job after graduating college was actually that of a virtual assistant. I even told myself that I will find another job after gaining experience. However, to my surprise, I find working as a VA more and more exciting every day. So, I decided to continue working as a VA.”

isla_reta_Pams_virtual assistantWe asked April what she enjoys most about working as a VA and she responded, “I enjoy working as a VA because I get to spend more time with my family since I’m just working at home. I can just wear what I want. I have more time with my 4 dogs, 6 puppies and 2 rabbits. ” When not working, April shared that she plays badminton every weekend with her friends, as well as watches movies and KDramas. However, April stated, “My most favorite hobby is spending time with my family.”

We also asked April if she had any advice for someone wanting to become a VA, she replied, “Being a VA is not easy (at first), but when you put your mind and heart in all you do, everything else will follow. Also, don’t forget to pray.”

Finally, we asked April if there was anything she would change at Pam’s VAS, she replied, “There is nothing I would change. I think everything is well planned and organized. Pam always has everything under perfect control.”

Again, we would like to send a huge congrats to April for receiving September’s VA in the spotlight and thank her for being such an awesome member of the Pam’s VAS team!