Pam’s VAS VA Lost a Best Friend Last Night

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We just received news that one of our Pam’s VAS Virtual Assistants has lost a best friend last night. Her 6 year old pit bull, Gunner, passed away in the late hours of the night from unknown reasons. We ask that you please keep her and her family in your thoughts today.

 A Pam's VAS VA lost a best friend last night. RIP Gunner

Gunner was a huge part of the family. Our VA’s husband had rescued him from a shelter after animal control had taken him from a home that raised pit bulls for street fighting. When they first brought Gunner home, he had scars and wounds resulting from the previous owner’s brutality. Though he was raised as a street fighting dog, he showed no signs of having been -apart from his wounds.  Gunner’s family said that he was the sweetest dog ever. Our VA has also shared that when she was pregnant with one of her sons, Gunner would never leave her side; he was her handsome little guard dog.

It is not easy losing a pet. The relationship we share with our pets runs deep. One of the hardest parts about having a pet is that we know we’ll more than likely outlive them. Although knowing the time we have with our treasured friends may be brief, we’re willing to deal with that reality because we are also aware of the amount of joy our companions will bring to our life. Death is a part of life and unfortunately we eventually have to move on. However,  that doesn’t negate the finality that comes with death; especially in the days after. Therefore, showing the same type of sensitivity to someone who has lost a pet, as we would a relative or friend who has passed, tends to help alleviate grieving as well as reminds us of the fragility of life.

If you are reading this from your home, go on and and give your pet(s) a big hug . . if you are reading while away, hug your pet a little tighter as he/she greets you at your door. Again, we ask that you please keep Gunner’s family in your thoughts today.