Our latest Virtual Assistant in the Spotlight for May – Yay!!

Pams VAS VA Spotlight

Huge congratulations to Jan for receiving May’s VA spotlight! Jan began her VA career in an office environment where she had the option to work from home one day a week. While taking advantage of the opportunity, Jan grew fonder of working from her home office. After sometime, Jan was laid off. One of her VA friends, who was, and is still, working for Pam’s VAS and had recommended her to Pam’s VAS. She thought it would be an excellent fit as she would be doing the same exact work she had done at her office job, but at home. Jan has now been a VA for 3 years and will be celebrating her 2 year anniversary with Pam’s VAS in less than 2 months!

Jan1 Jan is a transaction coordinator at Pam’s VAS. When asked what her duties are on a day to day basis, Jan responded, “I create a time line of important dates, such as deadlines for loan and inspection contingency removal. I maintain the file to ensure all the mandatory disclosures are completed and sent to the cooperating agent or broker for the client’s review and approval. I also provide consistent, quality-controlled system to ensure the smooth and efficient management of all relevant steps necessary to close a real estate sale. I basically monitor and assess the progress of the sale so that important deadlines are met and contingencies are released.” When asked what tips she has for other Vas wanting to become a transaction coordinator, Jan shared, “One must remember that transaction coordinators cannot disclose pricing, terms and other salient information to clients. The VA must also possess knowledge of the REO real estate process.”

jan2 Jan shared, “I really enjoy the flexibility of working from home . . and on rainy days you can find me working in my pajamas!” She explained how working from home really gave her the freedom to work as early or as late as she wanted and, “Not to mention the savings on gas, oil changes, and avoiding traffic jams.” She also shared that she loves to listen to music while she works; sometimes the TV as well. However, when Jan’s phone rings, “I rush to turn the TV or music down so that I can answer the call. I’ve become a pro at dashing to do so”.

Jan goes on to mention, “I really enjoy painting, reading and watching movies. I love spending time with friends and family”. When she is not painting, reading or watching movies, Jan goes to church where she attends bible study with her local ministry.

We asked Jan for a little advice for future VA’s and this is what she had to say, “Love what you do and you will be fine. Always try to stay ahead of the game and be proactive. Thinking and acting ahead of an anticipated situation, using foresight, is a great method to help avoid extra work & disasters.”

One final thing Jan mentions is how she truly cares for her boss. She goes on to say how “She stays on top of everything lightning fast and she appreciates her team and has our back.” Once again, congratulations Jan! Pam’s VAS hopes to celebrate many more work anniversaries with you.