Congrats to Naomi for receiving July’s VA in the Spotlight!

Pams VAS VA Spotlight

Naomi has used her amazing work ethic, leadership and integrity to exemplify why she is a stand-out VA here at Pam’s VAS. Naomi is known for being meticulous because she takes pride in being thorough and working hard in everything she does. She is highly attentive to the broad range of details, which must be noted on a daily basis.


In July, Naomi will be celebrating her 3 year anniversary here at Pam’s VAS! Naomi began her VA career in 2011 after receiving “a great recommendation” from a friend. Naomi stated “I started working as a VA when I decided to leave my job as an Administrative Assistant in 2011, so I could stay home with my baby as well as contribute to our financial needs. At the time I had no intentions of working nor did I know there were opportunities for me to work from home. A good friend of mine gave me a great recommendation to an agent who needed someone to help with tasks and I have loved being a VA ever since”.

Since February, Naomi has been assisting an agent out of Chicago. We asked Naomi to explain what her work entails on a day-to-day basis and she replied, “My primary role is handling utilities. I make sure all utilities (water, electric, and gas) are set up and closed out at the properties, i.e., completing paperwork, scheduling appointments, opting in/out of the UMP,  obtaining outstanding balances/liens on the property and performing follow-ups to insure outstanding balances are paid. I work closely with 4 other people on the team daily to coordinate and communicate statuses on properties. I am also responsible for completing the utility tasks/messages in Equator. I usually work about a 2-3 hours day M-F and more if needed, depending on the work load. photographyMy daily routine begins with checking my email to see what needs to be handled for the day, then I check equator for any tasks/messages, and then I review my utility spreadsheet to follow up on any property issues. Any communication that pertains to a property or utility company gets recorded in our spreadsheet. I usually cycle this routine 2-3 times a day (morning, noon, and end of day) for emails and equator, as I like to make sure replies are handled within 24 hrs of being received.”

Naomi also added, “When I first started with Pam I was brought on to help with closing transactions, which included: dot loop, sureclose, and equator. I then assisted with listings which included working with MLS, Homepath, and HOA tasks. Outdoor AdventuresI took a small break from working due to a hectic school schedule, and when I was able to return to work, Pam welcomed me back with open arms and started me out in utilities. It has been a pleasure working for Pam. She understands the importance of family and maintaining a great work environment. If you are dedicated to your work, she will always be dedicated to you. If she doesn’t have openings at the moment, she will find work for you so that you can keep busy until other needs arise.”

When Naomi was asked why she loved being a VA she replied, “Yes, I love working as a VA. I really love having the flexibility to work my own hours as well as working with others – virtually. A stay at home mom and student, this is the perfect job for me. I have learned so much and have worked with very knowledgeable people in the field; which makes my work experience even better”.

Curious to know how Naomi spends her free time, we asked her what she enjoys doing when she is not working. She responded, “My life is pretty jam packed with a full time school schedule (3+ years), raising 3 kids (two teens 13, 15 and a toddler 3), being married (15 years), and working part time for Pam. I don’t really have any hobbies per say, but I do love the outdoors, photography, and creating great memories with my family. My goal right now is to get my Bachelors in Business Administration and further my education in the real estate field. It is never too late to learn more”.

Lake_PleasantWhen asked what advice Naomi had for those interested in becoming a VA, she shared, “Being a VA is a very important job. Although a flexible schedule is always nice to have, it is still really important to hold yourself responsible for maintaining consistency in completing your job/tasks in a timely manner. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help. There has been many times I have needed Pam’s assistance and she has never let me down.  My motto is, communication is the key, without it we cannot prosper or grow as a team”.

When asked if there was any changes she could suggest or any recommendations she had for Pam’s VAS, Naomi responded, “Maybe an annual meet and greet so that I can see all the lovely VA’s faces I work with. 🙂 . . and possibly some recommendations for useful real estate classes/info/training/certification courses etc., so that I can be a better asset to her company”.

Naomi considers her love for education to be a key component to her success; therefore, she does her best to adhere to the saying “If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you”. We wish to congratulate and recognize Naomi for her outstanding achievements at Pam’s VAS!