Meet Pam ⋆CEO of  Pam’s VAS Real Estate Virtual Assistant Services

I currently live in Levittown, a suburb of Philadelphia, PA, with dreams of someday moving to an island full of warm breezes, bright sun and palm trees. I have been married to (and annoyed by) the love of my life Tom, for many years and I am also the Mom of a beautiful, teenage, cheerleading superstar and honor student, Kara. Oh, lets not forget the 2 demanding Mini-Doxies, Rosie & Rocky, who will growl at you to get their treats. I am an avid animal lover, tree hugger, supporter of our Troops and finally, I love the Jersey Shore (not the show).

The 25 years of my professional life have been spent in the REO field — in various capacities. I began working “virtually” in 2008; processing all REO related transactions for various clients. Prior to that I was a REO Asset Manager, in the banking industry, handling 300-500 properties at any given time. I was manager of a real estate office that specialized in REOs. Last, but certainly not least, I was also the Conveyance & Settlement Coordinator for a  prestigious mortgage company. I also had the pleasure to work with Note Sales, Consumer Lending, Credit Risk Management and Workout Loans. My experience in the REO field enables me to identify viable opportunities, for various types of clients.

As a real estate virtual assistant Business Owner, I have many contractors, all having proven to be experts in their fields, that  are able to assist in every possible task/position that a Realtor may have — they basically handle all of the tedious work for you! We develop a process oriented approach to accomplishing the tasks you need done.  Although; I do enlist the services of contractors; I personally perform quality control on all of our projects. If you need it, we will get it done.

 I have truly found this to be the most joyful and rewarding position that I have ever held.

-Pam Maglione

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