January’s Virtual Assistant in the Spotlight – Jenn I.

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January’s Virtual Assistant in the Spotlight – Jenn I.

Big congratulations are in order for our January VA in the Spotlight, Jenn I., who has been absolutely crushing it with BPO’s during her 2 ½ years working with Pam’s VAS! Jenn was chosen as January’s VA in the Spotlight because of her hard work and upbeat & positive attitude; which are essential for her position here at Pam’s VAS, especially when things get extra hectic. No matter how crazy things get, Jenn is always eager and happy to help -even when situations arise last minute.

 January's Virtual Assistant in the Spotlight is Pam's VAS Jenn I.

Jenn started working with Pam’s VAS in July of 2013 because she loved the energy of this work environment. She explained how working at Pam’s VAS has been such a great and useful experience because she has discovered things about herself that she previously was unaware of. Jenn shared, “I for one did not know that I’m good in communication, marketing, and valuation. If I haven’t had been a VA, I would’ve never uncovered these hidden skills”.

Jenn’s position requires her to complete assignments in a timely manner, which she describes as her favorite part of the job, as she stated “The responsibility really gives me the chance to hone my skills to their best”. Along with meeting strict time restraints and maintaining organized, Jenn’s average day with Pam’s VAS consists of checking emails, communicating with management and completing multiple valuations e.g., Fee & REO BPOs, MMRs, & MSRs.

When not working, Jenn has shared her love for baking and pastry arts. She stated, “you will find me in the kitchen, making sweets and goodies for my love ones”. Apart from Jenn’s dreams of excelling in her career as well as reaching new levels, she stated, “ my ultimate dream is to visit Tavarua Island”.

January's Virtual Assistant in the Spotlight is Pam's VAS Jenn I.

We asked Jenn what made her decide to become a VA and she responded, “I love the flexibility and how my efforts control my pay.” She had also shared that she really enjoys being a VA. “Being happy with what you do reflects in your work, in your natural attitude, and it’s contagious…or at least sets an example,” said Jenn. We also asked Jenn if she had any advice for someone wanting to become a VA, she replied, “Don’t hesitate. Working as a VA would give you endless possibilities to uncover your hidden skills. And oh! who wouldn’t love to work at your own time and place?”.

Finally, we asked Jenn if there was anything she would change at Pam’s VAS, she replied, “Although there are times when I feel a bit overwhelmed with changes, it is all a part of being a VA and adjusting to new procedures. Pam is always willing to walk me through any difficulties I face and has always guided me with great patience and understanding. So, there is nothing I would change.”

Again, we would like to send a huge congrats to Jenn for receiving January’s VA in the spotlight and thank her for being such an awesome member of the Pam’s VAS team!

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