If you are a Real Estate agent & process BPOs then you’ve heard of LRES

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LRES is one of the largest and most reputable REO asset management companies to work with as a real estate agent.

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They are raising funds, with a $10,000 goal (and they will match 25% of total), for the victims of the 7.9 quake in Nepal. This is an amazing goal and cause for LRES to take on. Many Americans know very little about this area and the gentle people and culture that reside there.

Nepal Quake

Please help, as much or as little as you can. Information on LRES and the link to their site and fundraiser is below. Thank you in Advance!!

LRES is a national appraisal and REO asset management company and is asking its real estate professionals network to join in aid and donate to the earthquake victims of Nepal.