February’s Virtual Assistant in the Spotlight – Arlene

Pams VAS VA Spotlight

Pam’s VAS is proud to congratulate our February Virtual Assistant in the Spotlight – Arlene. Arlene has spent 2 of her 4 years as a virtual assistant with Pam’s VAS and is an absolute rock star BPO VA!  Arlene has made great contributions to the BPO Dept. Her skill, dedication, flexibility and ability to take on orders short notice have helped the department tremendously.

 Pams vas virtual assistant in the spotlight adult coloring book

Arlene’s position requires her to fulfill assigned tasks within strict time restraints. Arlene’s average day with Pam’s VAS consists of checking emails, communicating with management and process multiple valuations e.g., Fee & REO BPOs, MMRs, & MSRs. There are also times when she must skim the platforms for any new, outstanding and late tasks.

When not working, Arlene can be found gaming and coloring –YES, coloring! Arlene stated, “I’m really into Adult Coloring Books, I have so many books that I don’t know if I could ever find enough time to color them all. I am also into gaming and have to admit that I am a major COC (clash of clan) addict.”

Arlene, who was referred to Pam’s VAS by a friend nearly 2 years ago, decided to become a VA to improve her communication skills.We asked Arlene what made her decide to become a VA and she responded, “Like I said, I really enjoy being able to communicate with people from all over the world; not just with those people that I usually encounter personally. There is always something to learn from each individual. I find it interesting how many things differ by location.” We also asked Arlene if she had any advice for someone wanting to become a VA, she replied, “To be a VA you need to practice patience, always work on improving your communication skills and be dedicated. When first becoming a VA, it is not easy, but in time you will grow, expand your skill sets and find it much easier to complete your daily tasks.”

Lastly, we asked Arlene if there was anything she would change at Pam’s VAS and her response was, “There is nothing that I would at Pam’s VAS as this company, and Pam personally, have helped me not only financially, but also in increasing my knowledge in real estate and expanding on my skills.”like to send a huge congrats to Arlene for receiving February’s VA in the spotlight and thank her for being such an amazing member of the Pam’s VAS team!