Demand for Tilapia is up. Here is one of our VA’s family business.

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(click pics for full size view) You may not know, but the demand for Tilapia has grown over 3 million tons since 1990.

With operations currently in Tolleson, AZ, Off the Hook Tilapia LLC is aiming to produce 15,000 pounds of tilapia per year.

” We Started in JUL of 2014 in our garage with a few fish and we now occupy space on a property that is approximately 3 acres and have grown to a population, in excess of 7,000 fish.”


By combining the science and data from previously used aquaponics and recirculating fish tank systems, paired with solar and geothermal technologies, our multi-phase project will increase tilapia production at a rate of 25,000 pounds per year per production facility. We are working to achieve a food production system that is environmentally friendly, focused on healthy and safe agricultural growth, and economically sustainable for future generations.

Here is some history and stats for Tilopia on wikipedia