Big name companies trade in office space for yoga mats and spa’s

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Your brain requires more than a bowl of Wheaties in the morning to maintain good mental health.


With many hours spent, basically sitting in the same position, it’s no wonder that 71% of office workers end up with lower back pain, according to the US National Library of Medicine. It is common knowledge that when we’re in the office, we use our brains; however, have you ever wondered how our physical wellness will affect our train of thought? Pams vas healthy work habits

Many office workers return home and are so mentally exhausted that they don’t even think about exercise or mind relaxation. Be it cardio, weights, yoga, meditation . .  or even a simple massage, you’d be surprised how 5 to 10 minutes of any of these activities can loosen up tense muscles and help reduce the potential risk of developing LBP (lower back pain), carpal tunnel syndrome, and many other related illnesses.

Why Companies are Trading in Office Space for Yoga Mats – Health

A study by the National Institute of Health found that 22.4 million cases of lower back pain were responsible for 149.1 million lost work days in 2010. It’s no wonder big name corporations like Google and General Mills are trading in some office space for yoga mats and spa’s. Google’sSearch Inside Yourself” program has introduced over 1,000 of its employees to meditation. Retail giant Target, developed the program “Meditating Merchants ” in 2010, that has so far attracted about 500 of its employees. To the benefit of the company, the employees sit in a 20 minutes yoga voluntary session during their lunch break. 

Next time you’re sitting at your desk and find yourself in discomfort don’t hesitate. Stand up, stretch, shut your eyes and give your mind and body the rest it deserves. Your co-workers might look at you silly, but in the end they’re going to be wishing that they had stood up and looked just as silly as you did.