Beverly is September’s Virtual Assistant in the Spotlight!

Pams VAS VA Spotlight

Congrats to Beverly for receiving September’s Virtual Assistant  in the Spotlight!


Nominated for her enthusiasm and professionalism with each assigned task, Beverly has earned the honor of September’s VA in the Spotlight! Bev has been a VA for 17 years – 2 ½ of those 17 years with Pam’s VAS! Positive, outgoing and motivated, she is our marketing extraordinaire!  She is a reliable, and a dedicated VA who strives for perfection. If anyone is an example of perseverance, it’s Bev!pams vas virtual assistant in the spotlight shitzu

We asked Bev how she one day, 17 years ago, decided to become a VA. Bev replied, “I worked as an office manager in a real estate office, and was “helping” agents within our office with their marketing tasks e.g., things like just listed/sold cards, flyers, CMA’s etc.  After having done so for a while, I thought to myself that there is a business here.  So, I started doing it full-time on my own; then discovered VA’s on the internet.”

We also asked Bev to give us an idea of what her daily routine is like Bev responded, “I am a pre-marketing and marketing VA for REO’s. I check various website for tasks and complete them, Input listings in the MLS, call municipalities for code violations and/or vacant property registrations, contact Condo or homeowners associations for info, submit bills for reimbursements, request new documents and/or pictures from the client, inspections tasks and other miscellaneous tasks.”

pams vas virtual assistant in the spotlight dune buggyWhen asked if she enjoyed working as a VA, she replied, “Yes, I love the ability to work from home as well as the ability to work with such a diverse group of people across the world -not only within my local area.” We then asked Bev if she had any advice for those interested in becoming a VA, “Do not expect to be a success overnight, but keep at it and it is the most rewarding thing you’ll ever do.”

When not working, Bev can be found travelling with her husband in their Dune Buggy. Bev also enjoys interior design, “I love designing rehabs. I love creating homes that are custom designed and giving people their dream home.” Then there is Patty, her precious little pup!

Of course we had to ask Bev if there was anything she would change here at Pam’s VAS, “There really isn’t anything I would change. Being in Pam’s position before, running my own team of VA’s in the past, I know what she goes through.  She’s a strong leader and does a great job.”

It’s easy to see that Bev is a pleasure to be around, a hard worker and an overall role model to those around her; which is why Beverly is September’s Virtual Assistant in the Spotlight!

Congratulations Bev, and thank you for your dedication and for being a part of the Pam’s VAS team!