August VA in the Spotlight – Alexis

Pams VAS VA Spotlight

Huge congrats to Pam’s VAS Alexis for receiving Augusts’ VA in the spotlight! Alexis started working as a virtual assistant with Pam’s VAS in 2012 and has enjoyed every minute of it. She sets the perfect example of what it means to be a leader, a team player and a role model of Pam’s VAS core values. Alexis is a perfect fit for her position because she is extremely hard-working and is committed to excellence; she also has 9 years of real estate experience.

alexis beach

When asked to brief us on her experience working for Pam’s VAS her response, “I manage three clients; all of which are REO clients -which is an area in real estate I feel I excel in. I handle the marketing/pre-marketing, closing follow-up & reimbursements, as well as billing & reimbursements for all three clients.”

We asked Alexis what it was that shaped her decision to become a VA. Alexis responded, “I am very family oriented, but at the same time am goal driven and career motivated as well. I knew that working in a traditional office environment would take away from the time I could be spending with my family and children. Knowing that I could be involved as much as possible with my family & kids while still being able to financially support them is what made me decide to work virtually rather than secure a traditional office position.”

Of course we then had to ask if Alexis enjoyed being a VA. Here is what she had to say. “Yes, again it really comes down to my family. It takes a certain type of person, with the right work ethic, to be able to sit down in their PJ’s and work! Also, having the flexibility, and when time allows, I can spend time with my husband & kids -something I wouldn’t have the luxury of doing if working elsewhere.”Alexis Dolphin

When Alexis is not working, she can be found  fishing, RV’ing and planning and completing home improvements. Alexis also stated “Any family time fun time we can arrange –we arrange!”

We asked Alexis if she had any advice for someone who was interested in becoming a VA, she responded, “Know your strengths and weaknesses! Don’t oversell yourself unless you know for sure that you can deliver. Always own up to your mistakes; it’s the only way to learn from them.”

Lastly, we asked Alexis to share what she would change here at Pam’s VAS if she had the power to change whatever she wanted, she responded, “Honestly working for Pam doesn’t get much better! Sometimes there’s down time due to client changes, (which is unavoidable) but Pam is extremely thoughtful & caring toward her VA’s. She always ensures that we all have what we need when possible and really exhausts every measure while doing so. There is absolutely nothing I would change. I love it here!”

Again, we would just like to congratulate Alexis for receiving Augusts’ VA in the spotlight and we hope to share many more with her. Congrats Alexis!!