April’s Virtual Assistant in the Spotlight – Froy

Pams VAS VA Spotlight

Congrats to Froy for receiving Pam’s VAS, April Virtual Assistant in the Spotlight!

Pam’s VAS is proud to congratulate our April Virtual Assistant in the Spotlight – Froy. Froy has been working with Pam’s VAS for a year now and has since proven to be a valuable member of the Pam’s VAS team. Froy has always demonstrated dedication to his work and loyalty to Pam’s VAS. With the sometimes overwhelming amount of work required of him, the perspicacious attitude he displays and his ability to manage to complete his work in a timely manner is very refreshing.

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Froy has been a VA for 4 years now. At the time, the only available jobs available in his area were all field and sales related. However, he took notice that an office close to his home was looking to fill desk positions so, he applied. Having previously worked a field job, Froy felt that his new desk position was not only more convenient, but enjoyable as well. After 3 years working as an assistant, his friend recommended him to Pam’s VAS. Now, one year later, we are celebrating his hard work and dedication by honoring him with April’s VA in the Spotlight!

Froy was asked to describe an average day at Pam’s VAS, his response, “I monitor the Pam’s VAS order management system for assignments and tasks and re-assignments. I keep tasks current by aiding in data research as well as data entry. All tasks performed are done so by following the client’s preference and Pam’s VAS guidelines.”

Froy was then asked how he feels about being a VA, “I enjoy working as a VA because I am able to earn in the comfort of my own home. Working at home enabled me to cut down on my expenses, i.e., I don’t have to pay daily commute fares nor am I forced to eat from fast-food chains.” We also asked him to describe his experience working with Pam’s VAS, “Working with Pam’s VAS has been a fun and educational experience. Since working with Pam, I have sharpened my accuracy and quality control skills as well as become more detail orientated.”

When Froy is not working, he shared, “Though I work online from home, I am a very active and athletic person. I love trips to the mountains where I hike, site see and explore nature. I also enjoy going to the beach to relax in the sun, snorkel, surf and have fun in the sand. Apart from adventures, I also play various sports.”Pams vas real estate virtual assistant in the spotlight desk boredom

His advice for those looking to become a VA, “Working as a VA is a rewarding job –especially for those wanting to work from home. However, you must have or develop a passion for it as desk jobs are not for everyone. Being a VA means formulating your lifestyle so that it works with your work requirements.. Managing your time to work and sleep MUST always be part of your daily “to-do” list. Don’t commit to something you cannot stay committed to. And lastly . . always be open to criticism, suggestions, new and different ways of doing things and never stop learning.”

Finally, we asked Froy if there was anything he would change here at Pam’s VAS and he responded, “There is nothing I would change. If and when I do have an issue, I bring it to Pam’s attention and she finds a solution. I can’t ask for more than that.”